Microsoft now has integrated its virtual assistant Cortana with Skype. The feature is now available in both Android and iOS, and is a handy innovation for each of its users.

Cortana as a virtual assistant from Microsoft can help users in multiple ways. It is a context based assitant and so it helps in giving you meaningful suggestions while you chat with your friends around the world.

Cortana has been linked with skype from now on.

Cortana can give you restaurant suggestions, smart reply suggestions, and even movie reviews. If you’re an introvert then this is a great addition to your daily conversations and more.

You can even talk to Cortana as if it’s an individual and it is basically a contact in Skype. “Get answers to your burning questions, like the name of the lead actor in your favorite movie or whats the weather for the weekend,” according to Microsoft.

This feature is only available in the US. For now and as for the other markets, it is not clear when it will go live.

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