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Video when ISIS fighters desperately try to escape in makeshift tank before being blown up in Syria

Explosive footage captures final moments of a group of ISIS combatants as they desperately fled a battle scene in defeat. Having watched their comrades being gunned down by soldiers from Hezbollah and Syrian Army, ISIS fighter tried escape in a makeshift tank,… Continue Reading →

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13 black soldiers killed in deadly raid near the Mali border

Bloodshed erupted on Saturday in Niger, the West African nation where four American soldiers were recently killed, as attackers riding pickup trucks and motorcycles killed 13 local paramilitary police. Deadly raid near country’s border with Mali took place less than… Continue Reading →

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Active shooter alert issued at United States Air Force Academy

An active shooter alert has been issued at US Air Force Academy in Colorado, sparking a lockdown. The USAFA sent out an alert around 10 Pm Friday that declared “AN ACTIVE SHOOTER HAS BEEN DECLARED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT. LOCKDOWN. LOCKDOWN…. Continue Reading →

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101 years old World War 2 (WWII) veteran become the oldest person to beat cancer

After being told he had only months to live, a WWII veteran has shocked doctors by beating cancer, at unlikely age of 101. Born in 16′, Sydney man benefited from a new immunotherapy treatment called Keytruda and the tumour on his face is now gone…. Continue Reading →

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Hundreds of ISIS fighters surrender to Iraqi soldiers (video)

Footage from front line in Iraq could show ISIS militants surrendering to the country’s armed forces following days of intense fighting in Ninieveh province. Video circulating on social media purports to show suspected jihadis kneeling outside a desert town, which could be al-Ayadieh, patrolled by… Continue Reading →

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List of 173 ISIS killer ready to attack in Europe is found in Mosul

The terrifying list of 173 ISIS assassins prepared to carry out attacks in Europe has been found in Iraq. List was found in a terrorist hideout in the shattered ruins of Mosul and includes names, pics and country of origin of scores of… Continue Reading →

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North Korea fired a missile which has landed in Japan

North Korea has fired a missile which has landed in Japan’s territorial waters, the country’s government has confirmed. The intercontinental ballistic missile is believed to landed in Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone, but it is not yet known whether any vessels are… Continue Reading →

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The U.K. and Australia have accuse China for not doing enough to prevent North Korea from developing nuclear and ballistic weapons but China said that is not its problem. U.K. Defense Secretary,Michael Fallon and Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop met… Continue Reading →

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ISIS kills 18 prisoners (video)

A shocking video has emerged showing 18 prisoners in orange jumpsuits getting shot in back of head from point blank range in summary executions in Libya. The men, understood to be ISIS fighters, are shown kneeling in 4 rows and facing away… Continue Reading →

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Linda Wenzel 16 years old schoolgirl who ran away from home in Germany to join ISIS one year ago is captured in the ruins of Mosul alongside women wearing suicide vests

A 16 years old German schoolgirl who ran away from home to join ISIS has been captured in ruins of Iraqi city of Mosul. Linda Wenzel, from the town of Pulsnitz, near Dresden, was found with members of the terror group’s fearsome all female… Continue Reading →

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Two Ukrainian tourists are killed and four wounded during stabbing at Red Sea resort in Egypt

2 Ukrainian tourists have been killed and 4 of other nationalities wounded during a knife attack at a beach in Egypt. The attack happened on Friday at a Red Sea resort in Hurghada, as police told the assailant swam from… Continue Reading →

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ISIS militants are thrown to their deaths and shot as they lay dying in video allegedly (GRAPHIC CONTENT)

Iraqi government is investigating a video that appears to show men in army uniforms throwing a pleading ISIS fighter off a cliff before shooting him. In video, panicking man is taunted and beaten by several rifle-wielding troops before being slowly forced up… Continue Reading →

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Kim Jong-un warns Donald Trump he is pushing North Korea to nuclear war

Kim Jong-un has warned Donald Trump he is pushing North Korea to the brink of nuclear war after the US and South Korea conducted a life-fire exercise on peninsula. The test was in response to North Korea’s successful attempt to fire an intercontinental ballistic missile last week. The… Continue Reading →

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ISIS goes up in smoke, US air strike pounds small remaining area of Mosul

The Iraqi government has declared victory in their battle against ISIS in the strategic northern city following a bloody 8 months battle. The terror group has held the city for the past three years and has been pounded incessantly by United Sstates coalition-led aircraft. Much… Continue Reading →

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