YouTube’s favorite mad scientist, Colin Furze, is back with an invention he claims “is the best thing he] ever made.” An uncertified engineer has created a brilliant solution for those who constantly find themselves debating between taking a drive or a nice warm bath. Furze’s latest project is a BMW E30 modified to double as a rolling hot tub. With car’s running engine serving as a water heater, drivable Jacuzzi also features a barbecue grill built into trunk and leaf blowers to generate bubbles. Vehicle’s exterior is even coated in fake grass to give it that casual backyard ambience. For this invention, Furze had to make sure BMW’s interior was tightly sealed and waterproofed to prevent any leakage into car’s drivetrain and electronics. While handling didn’t look so easy once he got it on road, this hot tub automobile looks like one hell of a good time. Furze reveals at end of the video his “Convertapool” or “Spa Car” was a project sponsored by Google that he created with products he found through their advertisers. Hopefully automakers are watching closely though. What better way is there to start your day than a rolling bubble bath on way to work?

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