At first glance, you might think she’s a young student. But in real life, Lure  is welcoming her 42nd birthday. Lure, from Taiwan, is the latest internet star who has stunned thousands of people with her incredibly youthful appearance.She said her top secrets are drinking a lot of water and eating a lot of vegetables.Lure, who is said to be an interior designer, was first noticed by the public because of her younger sister Sharon . Sharon, 35, is an actress.In August of the same year, Sharon shared a post on Facebook to celebrate Lure’s 40th birthday.Her fans were shocked to discover Lure’s real age. They said that  she looked like a teenage girl.Lure quickly shot to fame on social media.  This weeks, Lure’s pictures were again widely shared by media in China and Taiwan, such as Sohu and ET Today, which called her ‘the goddess with a frozen age’.Journalists raved over her smooth skin, trimmed body and impeccable complexion. Her fans on Weibo,  rose to over 340,000. During an interview with Taiwan’s Friday magazine, Lure revealed the top secrets to her youthful looks. And they’re simple: to drink water and to eat vegetables.Lure said keeping herself hydrated was of the highest importance.Lure explained she drank a lot of water every day and tried to stay away from sugary drinks, such as Coke. The only other beverage she would have was a cup of black coffee every morning.
She is a fan of the vegetarian diet in particular.She said she liked light-flavoured dishes and would avoid strong dipping sauces, such as satay and spicy sauces because of their ‘high energy level’.Lure recommended women to moisturise their skin every day because ‘once your skin has enough water, you don’t even need to worry about aging and wrinkles’.Sun screen is also crucial for Lure in summer

After your skin is tanned, will become dry. Freckles and small wrinkles would appear,’ she told the magazine.Lure added that she took nutritional supplements every day, including Vitamin C pills and collagen, to help maintain glowing skin.


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