Woody Harrelson had to light up a joint just to make it through one dinner with now President Donald Trump. The actor, who portrays former President Lyndon B Johnson in upcoming film “LBJ,” recalled to Bill Maher on Friday night his dinner experience with Trump more than 15 years ago. Harrelson was invited to dine in 2002 by Jesse Ventura, whom Trump wanted to run with on a Democratic ticket in 2004. “I went and it was brutal. I never met a more narcissistic man. He talked about himself whole time” Harrelson said. Maher chimed in and jokingly questioned, “so he’s changed a lot?”

“I had to walk out halfway through to smoke a joint just to like steel myself for the rest of it” the “Natural Born Killers” star said. Harrelson quit smoking marijuana about a year ago, an effort Maher did not let go. “Real Time” host showed viewers side-by-side photos of himself with Harrelson, both after smoking marijuana and sober. Maher joked how it was evident Harrelson had much more fun while on drug. Harrelson has spoken out against Trump in the past. In an interview with Guardian in May, self-described anarchist said he wanted the President to “surprise him.”

“I don’t see one positive thing he’s done. I keep wanting him to surprise me, with just one positive thing” he said. Harrelson described to Maher on Friday how LBJ was vulgar, but it was not the same kind of public vulgarity exercised by Trump in current administration. “LBJ” is due out in theaters on November 3.

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