A misbehaving party gal was sentenced to 3 months in jail in connection to a BB gun stunt at a posh Gramercy Park hotel that had been in live streamed on Facebook. Maxine Hansen 25 years old took a deal Wednesday in which she copped to misdemeanor drug possession and got 90 days in the clink in exchange for her admission in Manhattan Criminal Court. The selfie obsessed Rockland County woman was facing more serious time for felony drug charges for what was found in the Lexington Ave. hotel room on November 29.

She was also charged with possession of an imitation pistol. Hansen and 3 pals caused a law enforcement panic when they were seen on social media playing with the weapons like toys. Cops crashed their bizarre drug fueled party in which heroin, methamphetamine and other drugs were recovered and arrested the wild lot. Bassem Yousef 30 years old arrested with Hansen, took a similar deal in December that got him 6 months in jail. Charges against Ashley Muller 23 years old and Firas Yousef 32 years old are still pending.


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