White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has announced that President Donald Trump is donating $1million of his own money to victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.’He will pledge, proudly, $1 million of his own personal money to help  people of Texas and Louisiana,’ spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters.The White House did not say whether money would come from Trump or his foundation.The news comes a day after Sanders told in a press conference that she was unsure of the amount that Trump and the First Lady were willing to donate from their personal funds.Following announcement, Trump tweeted a photo of those who first responded and who were gathered in a multi-faith prayer circle.

‘Thank you to all of brave first responders and volunteers from around United States helping with the ongoing rescue and relief efforts in Texas,’ President Trump told in the Tweet.One man appeared to be worshiping on his knees in  middle of the circle.It also comes two days after Trump spoke at Texas Department of Public Safety and stated that the flood waters in southern Texas, which has seen record-breaking rainfall, might never recede.Sanders accompanied President Trump to Texas on Tuesday as he met with disaster recovery officials.’Nobody’s ever seen this much water. The wind was pretty horrific, in particular, but water has never been seen like this, to this extent. And it’s, maybe someday going to disappear. We keep waiting,’ Trump told this afternoon in Austin.

During 2016 presidential campaign Trump came under fire for repeatedly announcing charitable donations but not following through.Sanders said Trump wanted suggestions from White House press corps about how to spend the money.Since crisis began last Friday, Trump has seized on his role marshaling the federal response, issuing a disaster declaration for Texas and neighboring Louisiana and deploying 8,000 officials throughout flood zone.During a busy weekend, White House released photos of president wearing a USA cap huddling with aides, liaising with cabinet secretaries to discuss what he called a ‘once in 500 year flood’.Sanders announced that Trump has tentative plans to visit ‘ Houston area’ on Saturday as well as Lake Charles, Louisiana.During a visit to Texas on Tuesday Trump had been unable to visit  flood zone because of difficult logistics and security concerns.Trump’s remarks Monday on Hurricane Harvey were his first, aside from a string of tweets he sent over  weekend.His split in focus between federal disaster relief for Texas and a host of other issues he delved into last weekend on Twitter came under scrutiny, but a senior U.S. official argued Monday morning that the president has ability to multitask.’The president is very, very engaged. He knows exactly what’s going on’ toldRick Perry, the energy secretary and the longest-serving governor in Texas’ history.

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