While aches and pains are common signs of illness, one expert has revealed how your face can be a reflection of your inner health too. According to Sydney based skin expert Emma Hobson, who is Education Manager at International Dermal Institute, your face can act like a map of what is happening with your health. She shared with Body+Soul what pimples you need to pay attention to.


We are often said that eating well and staying hydrated helps with skin care but you may not know that dehydration and a bad diet might play out on your forehead.  ‘This area is believed to be linked to the stomach and bladder so pimples here can indicate an unhappy gut. That could be from a poor diet, stress or food intolerances – or even from not drinking enough water’ Emma said.


As many teenagers may know chin is the main hormonal breakout zone. These breakouts can hit during major hormonal moments such as when you are a teenager, during your period and possibly during changes in your 20s and 30s.  ‘The chin is also linked to the large intestine, so food allergies and a poor diet might also be a factor,. Adding more fibre and water to your diet can help’ said Emma.


Emma stated that break outs on cheeks are often linked to irritation in your lungs. ‘It’s common to see more of this in springtime, when people are affected by the pollen in the air. Pollution can also upset your lungs and then wreak havoc on your skin, as can household cleaners’ Emma explain.


She went on to say that area between your brows is called the ‘wine and dine’ area. ‘Blemishes here can indicate issues with the liver, and could be a result of too many glasses of wine or eating late at night, particularly rich foods. Lactose intolerance could also be to blame’ Emma added. To help clear this area it is best to avoid alcohol and rich foods but if that does not help it could be time to assess your reaction to dairy.


Breakouts in your T-zone can be linked to the liver and the stomach. This is another area linked to dehydration, alcohol and greasy food as the T-zone is sensitive to build-up of toxins. Fats and oils used in food can lead to a stomach imbalance and alcohol can affect acid in your stomach. It may help to say no to that extra glass of wine and spend a night in.


Unfortunately for those that get their period this region is linked to different moments in your menstrual cycle. If you are not getting enough fibre in your diet then this is another one contributing factor. Pill often helps deal with uncontrollable pimples as well as increasing your fibre intake.


These days we seem to be getting busier and busier, with a work and life balance being more difficult to maintain. If you are getting pimples in these 3 areas then it is most likely due to stress and a lack of sleep. To combat this ensure you are having at least 7 hours of sleep a night and increase your water intake to 8 glasses a day.


The neck is not the most common pimple area and getting one here could link to illness. Those with an under active thyroid have lower levels of progesterone which causes breakouts as progesterone is key in fighting acne. If you are concerned with fact that you have pimples on your neck you may need to go to your doctor.

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