Four people have been injured after a car smashed straight through wall of a house and set on fire. The driver of white VW Golf was hurt, along with 2 passengers and a man who was sat on a sofa inside house. He was taken to hospital as were three people who were in car, who all suffered head injuries.

A woman and child who were in house at the time managed to get out, but a man who was in living room suffered severe leg injuries. The car smashed into living room of house in in Rawcliffe, York, at 1:30 Am today and caught fire. Police have arrested a man in his 20s, who is believed to be the driver. Sergeant Paul Colding said ‘It’s astounding that no one has lost their lives in this incident and that’s down, in no uncertain terms, to the local residents, family members and emergency services who have helped get all of the people away from there.’


Officers are also appealing to anyone who may have witnessed incident to come forward with information. Fire crews from Huntington, Acomb and York were called out to deal with blaze. They also used 2 hose reels and had to set up their own lighting and use a thermal camera to make sure they extinguished all flames.

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