This is the moment a reckless driver determined to overtake crashed into 2 construction vehicles after attempting to overtake a truck. As driver squeezes between a roadside construction vehicle on right and moving truck to car’s left, it becomes clear he’s not content with cruising. Footage from a rear-facing camera fitted to truck he’s racing alongside shows his botched bid to get ahead. Determined to overtake, driver doesn’t slow down, despite 2 more orange construction vehicles sitting on the roadside ahead. Finding the vehicle has nowhere to go as it fails to get ahead of the truck, driver slams down on the brakes.

But it is too late to stop an accident as car crashes into the first construction vehicle, veering wildly as debris drops into the road. With no time to recover the car ploughs into second roadside vehicle, with driver trapped in the tight spot he’s created for himself. After damaging both vehicles and his own car on August 31, driver’s ambitious bid to overtake utterly fails as he’s left to watch truck up front drive away. His black car vanishes from view behind a white vehicle parked on hard shoulder.

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