Explosive footage captures final moments of a group of ISIS combatants as they desperately fled a battle scene in defeat. Having watched their comrades being gunned down by soldiers from Hezbollah and Syrian Army, ISIS fighter tried escape in a makeshift tank, before being blown up by oncoming missiles. Flanked on both sides and unable to find respite, panicked terrorists were obliterated by a direct hit from an anti-tank missile.

Marshalled by a fighter heard shouting orders into a 2 way radio, half dozen or so ISIS fighters were filmed peppering rounds aimlessly in both directions. Calling for reinforcement, his voice breaking in distress, dramatic footage shows fighter’s last desperate attempts to avoid death. Shouting in Arabic, ISIS soldiers call out what directions the rounds are coming from, while their leader screams for driver to watch out for the tank, knowing a direct hit was incoming. Calls of ‘left, left’ and ‘tank is on the right,’ proved futile as a hit from the right side set the tank ablaze, killing everybody inside. Barking orders into his 2 way radio, the soldier was last seen seconds before impact frantically looking for an escape route, with a dust matted beard and AK-47 in hand. Footage, believed to have been recorded in September, was caught on a Go-pro camera, which ISIS combatants have used extensively as a recruitment tool to lure would-be jihadists with the thrill of combat.

Battle came amid the onslaught brought on my ISIS’ enemies earlier in the year, where huge swathes of occupied land were recaptured by Syrian Army. Islamic State declared a caliphate in 2014 and at height of its power ruled over millions of people, from northern Syria to outskirts of Iraq’s capital Baghdad, but of late endured a series of losses. Raqqa was the group’s de facto Syrian capital, a centre of operations where it oversaw management of much of eastern, central and northern Syria and planned attacks abroad.

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