A mother has voiced her outrage after she discovered a video of her 11 years old son being beaten up in a playground on Facebook. In footage, schoolboy is knocked to the ground by an older child who sits on him and repeatedly punches him in head. A jeering mob then surrounded them and appeared to shout ‘spit in his face’. The victim’s mother, who asked not to be named, told she was left feeling ‘sick in her stomach’ when it emerged video had been watched more than 1’300 times.

She said ‘I can’t watch it. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that firstly my son was beaten up and secondly it was filmed. He is fine now, but the whole thing just makes me so angry. It is bringing it all back for him having it shared so much, it feels like he is the hot topic online. My mum, sister and his dad have seen it and are all really mad. My mum feels terrible because it happened while he was over at her house. I don’t know who uploaded it, but I don’t think it is right. I just felt sick and so angry. I got really mad. I can’t watch or hear about any child getting hurt without getting mad, and now it has happened to my own son. It is every parent’s worst nightmare.’ The fight happened at a playground in Bristol while boy was visiting his grandmother’s house.

Eventually 2 other boys intervened and stopped the fight. The worried parent described boy as ‘shaken’ by his experience, less than a month before he will begin secondary school. She told ‘It happened when my son was at his nan’s house for the night. I collected him the next day and he told me what happened. I was really angry. I could see he didn’t have any serious marks or injuries, but I couldn’t believe these kids, who are all older than my son, could do this to him. He was definitely shaken, but he played it down. It is really sad because he used to go over and see her for a bit most weekends and that has stopped because he doesn’t want to see the boys again. He is also starting big school next month and I don’t want what happened to affect him at his new school.’

The woman told she had approached parents of children involved to discuss what had happened but they had been unwilling to do so. An Avon and Somerset Police spokesman told ‘This incident has not been reported to us as a crime. We always encourage anyone who has been affected by a crime to come forward and talk to us.’


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