These are first photos of world’s most expensive moat ever to be built, which it’s hoped will make new US Embassy in London impenetrable to terrorists. The 100 foot, half moon strip of water in front of building is meant to be able to withstand any type of attack although US officials have euphemistically called it a ‘water feature’.  Embassy, being built in Nine Elms area of London, is already the world’s costliest embassy, costs have spiraled upwards of $1 billion and it’s well past its due date.

Security delays meant that it was pushed back from the end of 2016 to Spring 2017, but as these exclusive photos prove, there’s still a long way to go until it’s finished. After project was announced in 2008, critics slammed the record construction costs, wavy glass cube design and moat entrance, while nearby residents expressed fears that their homes would become inadvertent terrorist targets. But current US Embassy, in Grosvenor Square, is too small and too old fashioned as it was built in 50′ and fraught with security issues for modern world. The new high-tech Embassy will have a bomb proof exterior and anti-ram barriers, which are just being built judging from our pictures, but its designer Kieran Timberlake did not want to put in usual security measures such as high security walls and a defensive perimeter.

Instead, he wanted to achieve natural barriers through ‘gradings, walks and plantings,’ according to US Embassy website. ‘Instead of a perimeter-walled precinct, the site to the north and south is a welcoming urban amenity, a park for the city that fuses the new embassy to the city of London. Alternatives to perimeter walls and fences are achieved through landscape design’ website states. It will be carbon neutral and virtually self-sufficient, which means that even if there was a power failure across London, it would virtually be able to operate off-grid for long periods of time. Unlike most glass office buildings, which appear slick and hard-edged, this one will look soft and pillow thanks to lightweight plastic scrims that will be attached to the facade like boat sails. They will be embedded with photovoltaic cells that can convert sunlight into energy.

Glass will also trap sunlight, but strong reinforced dark glass will also stop the glare from filtering inside and keep the building temperature cool. Embassy is not the only development in area, immediate vicinity is being built into a project called ‘Embassy Gardens’. Almost 2’000 new homes as well as a number of shops, restaurants and businesses, a 100 room hotel, health club, playgrounds and sport fields will be built according to Wandsworth Council, who approved the project.


In June, 25 apartments were released for sale by EcoWorld Ballymore with a $1,35 ml price tag on homes that overlook a ‘sky pool’, which will be a world’s first. The outdoor swimming pool is suspended 10 story’s up in air and acts as a bridge between 2 apartment blocks. It enables residents to swim between 2 buildings with views across capital.

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