They were armed, just not with any common sense. Polices are investigating a bizarre Upper West Side street brawl caught on video early Wednesday where the weapons of choice included a machete, a metal garbage can and anything else they could get their hands on. But gladiators, they are not. The combatants stumble about and repeatedly miss each other in the 2 minute fight. The video shows the 2 men facing off near a silver luxury vehicle parked on Broadway near W 94th St about 6:50 Am. One of men wields a machete while the other holds a metal city trash can. The fight began after a garbage can was thrown at the vehicle.“The car was about to go on Broadway when the guy in the red shirt picked up the garbage can and threw i. That’s when the other guy stopped the car and pulled out the machete. I kind of walked into this. My thing is, who has a machete in their trunk? On top of that, they’re pretty bad fighters” said Paul Tena, who recorded the exchange on his cellphone as he left the gym. The 2 stand toe to toe threatening each other with their weapons while a woman in a polka dot dress, who is believed to be with the man armed with the machete, is yelling at both of them, threatening to call 911. As the woman gets back into vehcile, the man with the garbage can tries to open her door. Outraged, man with the machete takes a swing at his opponent, but his weapon flies out of his hands and clatters on the street without striking its target. “Then it breaks. If your machete is going to break, that’s a bad sign” Tena said about the machete. The machete man’s opponent then throws a garbage can at him, but does not hit anyone either. The two begin trading and throwing things at each other until the brawler in the white shirt gets back into his vehicle with the woman. “When they started throwing beverages at each other, you knew it was over” Tena added. Police confirmed that they were called to corner, but the fight was already over. Tena told he saw cops pulling over luxury vehicle and taking the man in white into custody, but no arrests were immediately reported. Medics rushed one man, believed to be one wearing the red shirt, to St Luke’s Hospital with a non-critical injury.

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