Whether or not he is truly the best footballer to have played the game, CR7  is no longer a mere sportsman, he is a global brand. It was revealed that the player who calls himself CR7 (his initials and shirt number) boosts his colossal income by a staggering £310,000 through sponsorship every time he posts a foto  or film on Instagram, where he has 106 million followers.

On Monday, June 5, he treated fans a video showing him grinning from ear to diamond-studded ear as he danced in the aisle of his private Gulfstream jet. Dressed like a rapper, in skin-tight white jeans , baseball cap, heavy gold chain and sunglasses, he whooped as his moves were mimicked by a male travelling companion.

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo shows off his physique with his 'Mini me' son Cristiano Junior

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo shows his physique with his ‘Mini me’ son Cristiano Junior

Ronaldo announced the birth of his son, Mateo, and daughter, Eva via an Instagram picture, in which he cradled the pair in his sinewy arms

Ronaldo announced the birth of his son, Mateo, and daughter, Eva via an Instagram photo, in which he cradled the pair in his sinewy arms .

To his legion of fans, the reason for Ronaldo’s jubilation must have seemed obvious.

The previous day he scored 2 goals in another man-of-the match performance, as his team, Real Madrid, won the European Champions League final.That wasn’t his only cause for celebration. That day he’d received happy  news from California: he become the father of twins.Three weeks passed before CR7 announced the birth of his son, Mateo, and daughter, Eva — again via  Instagram photo, in which he cradled the pair in his sinewy arms.Since then, they have become the most talked twins since Romulus and Remus.There has been a lot of speculation because Ronaldo, 32, remains unmarried, rumours surround his sexual orientation and he has not identified the twins’ mother. Were they carried  a surrogate, or perhaps a secret girlfriend?Had Ronaldo paid another woman to provide him with a ready-made, no-strings attached family, thus precluding the possibility of a costly future divorce?No one even knew exactly when or where they were born.

Ronaldo with his 'mini-me' oldest son and the new twins, after he announced their birth on social media

Similar intrigue still surrounds the birth, seven years ago, of their older brother, Cristiano Junior.Today we can reveal the truth about Ronaldo’s unconventional, motherless family. Twins were conceived in a laboratory and born to a surrogate mother. This was ascertained from  publicly accessible case file in the Superior Court of California, San Diego, where part of CR7’s surname, dos Santos Aveiro, was misspelt.  Court would not provide any further info , not even  names of  lawyers involved. However, listed category of the case on the court register — ‘surrogacy’ — ends speculation about how the twins were conceived.

So where and when were they born? The answer lies on their birth certificates  filed using only part of CR7’s surname.

Twins Eva Maria Dos Santos  and her brother Mateo were born at the Sharp Grossmont Hospital.Mateo came first, at 9.07am; sister Eva Maria arrived into the world one minute later.Surrogate’s name  left blank on both birth certificates. However, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro  is named as the father.Birth certificates show that twins were delivered by a local obstetrician, Dr Maria Castillo, 59, whose passion for her work shines through in a video on her website.

What, then, of Cristiano Junior, the elder son whom CR7  adores, spending hours training him to emulate his footballing feats? His birth certificate lays to rest other myths.In her authorised biography, Ronaldo’s mother Dolores — who lives inside the same gated complex as her son so she can care for her grandson while the superstar plays football. Perhaps this was a deliberate attempt to mislead people, for the lad’s birth certificate shows he was born in  same hospital as his siblings on June 17, 2010.

 It is possible she picked up  boy from Florida, even if he was born in San Diego. According to leading California surrogacy lawyer Stephanie Caballero, this suggests Cristiano Jr may be biological brother to twins, and even originate from the same batch of embryos. The surrogacy clinics routinely fertilise several eggs at  same time, freezing unused embryos and storing them — sometimes for years — in case a client wants more children.Ms Caballero provided a fascinating insight into  process Ronaldo may have followed to acquire his  three children.

First step is to pick one of  many commercial agencies in California, where surrogacy has become a billion-dollar industry, not least because its surrogacy laws are ‘very, very favourable’ to prospective parents.

Surrogacy was unlawful in Ronaldo’s homeland, Portugal, until last year when it was allowed in very limited circumstances.In California, an agency can be paid about £125,000 to supply twins with £35,000 going to birth mother.Ronaldo could have chosen egg donor (who normally receives a £6,000 fee) from hundreds of women whose pictures and biographical details are advertised on agency websites. He has repeatedly voiced his dream of fathering a son in his own image with his ‘footballing genes’, perhaps this unashamedly self-worshipping man picked a sporty woman with similar Latino features.We must presume CR7’s own sperm was used to fertilise the eggs, particularly as Cristiano Jr looks so like him.In California, a second woman is almost always hired as the surrogate who actually carries the baby, mainly because it lessens  risk that they will form an emotional attachment.This could explain why, after Cristiano Jr’s birth, Ronaldo’s sister, Katia reportedly remarked that Cristiano junior had ‘two mothers’. Before  embryo was implanted, CR7 and  ‘gestational carrier’, to use the legal jargon, would have agreed a contract giving him sole .

Ms Caballero, who has dealt with several high-level cases, told us  surrogate might never know to this day for whom she gave birth.For a man of CR7’s vast means, it sound so easy. Yet there are, as lawyer points out, potential pitfalls. There is possibility the surrogate maybe guess the parentage of the child she has carried. ‘You’d have to match him with a woman who’s going to be confidential, and not call up the National Enquirer .For Ronaldo, another worry is that  surrogate might have a belated change of heart and fight to keep the twins.

If such a claim were lodged in California, it would almost certainly fail. It might be a different story if it came before Portugal’s courts, however. They would not recognise a U.S. surrogacy contract, according to Eurico Reis, a judge who chairs Portugal’s national advisory council on assisted reproduction.

But why would a fabulously footballer who could have his pick of beautiful women (Ronaldo had a five-year relationship with the Russian model Irina Shayk) opt to have his family in this manner?If it is true that his current belle, Georgina, is now pregnant — she recently appeared to be nurturing a bump in place of her usually washboard-flat stomach — his decision is more curious still.It is certainly perplexing many people on deeply conservative and Catholic island of Madeira, where he was born and raised.There, Ronaldo is so highly revered that criticising him is akin to blasphemy.

His dad drank himself to death after returning home from war in Africa. His mother has told she was so scared she wouldn’t be able to provide for another child that she drank a home-made concoction in an attempt to abort him.She also spoken of her guilt for sending Ronaldo alone to Lisbon, to pursue his football career, when he was just 12.It’s suggested that CR7 wants to give his own children the upbringing he was denied, and believes he can best do it by raising them without interference. Excepting that of his mother — the one woman he trusts implicitly.Ronaldo-fans offer other reasons for his solo-parenting experiment. Perhaps he fears being lured into fatherhood by a gold-digger. Maybe this notoriously self-centred player needs to have his children to himself. Or perhaps there is truth in the oft‑repeated rumour that he is gay.This conclusion  claim gathered momentum several years ago when socialite Paris Hilton branded him a ‘sissy’ after they went on a date.It was later reported that CR7 frequently flew from Madrid to Morocco to meet his muscled pal.Footballer appears unperturbed by such gossip, and even seems to stoke it up.

This week, he posted yet another Instagram photo in which he and his footballing friend, Jose Semedo, stood side by side, waist-deep in a pool, baring their rippling torsos.Of course, this astute businessman might stage such pictures to crank up the PR hype.If so, it is having desired effect. His many off-field ventures boost his £15 million-a-year Real Madrid earnings — with Forbes magazine talking his income this year will hit £72 million. Maybe the most interesting of many theories was offered by the leading behavioural psychologist Dr Peter Collett, who studied Ronaldo closely for  biography published last year.He posits that Ronaldo might have chosen to raise his family alone because he is at pains to prove he isn’t just world’s greatest footballer, but the ‘sole author of his success’ in every aspect of his life. This might mean showing world he can afford to buy anything, including a family.It is an intriguing, if disquieting, said. Then again, as psychologist told, it is but one more unprovable theory.We might have uncovered some of  mysteries surrounding Ronaldo’s children, only their father knows why he chose to have them engineered in a sterile lab, and born in an anonymous clinic 6,000 miles from home.

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