Ford Super Duty trucks and the State Fair of Texas go together like America and apple pie. So a perfect pairing makes sense for scene set today when Ford debuted its newest Limited trim Super Duty F-Series trucks at the fair. Featuring near-luxurious amenities, the hefty trucks come with quite the hefty price tag.We’ll talk about that in a moment, but first, we’ve got big news from Tesla involving its flagship Model S sedan and much more ahead in this Thursday edition of  Daily Drive-Thru.

Toyota is expanding its hybrid manufacturing efforts in the North America thanks to a $374 million investment to create its hybrid powertrain in the U.S. for  first time ever.The Japanese automaker’s plant in Huntsville, Alabama will get an extensive renovation and 50 new works to help gear up eco-powertrain production. Four other Toyota plants in Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee and West Virginia are also getting powertrain upgrades, but those facilities won’t be getting updates to the extent of  Alabama plant.

After  release of its more affordable Model 3 sedan, Tesla has decided to axe the base trim of the Model S sedan. Now increasing in price from $69,500 to $74,500, Tesla hopes the move will prevent the Model 3 from cannibalizing Model S sales, since the fully-loaded version of the Silicon Valley startup’s entry level EV is expected to reach nearly $60,000.


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