Fearless visitors filmed themselves scaling down a set of steep stairs on one of world’s most dangerous hiking trails in northwestern China. Stomach churning footage shows daredevils climbing down the edge of Mount Hua, also known as Huashan, at a height of over 7,000 feet. Video shows breath taking scenery from sacred mountain as they were going down stairs carefully.

Located near Huayin in Shaanxi Province, Huashan is one of China’s most sacred Taoist mountains. The 2154.90 metre tall (7069 feet) mountain is also famous for its dangerous plank walk at its south summit. Action camera footage, uploaded on Facebook, captures climbers, including 2 at front, scaling down an almost-vertical iron staircase facing forward. During descent, you can see the rugged mountains.

The video ends when they reach the flat platform, which is believed to be starting point of infamous plank walk. The 700 years old plank walk is also one of deadliest walking trails in world, where hikers have to walk along a 0,3 metre wide wooden panel with a safety belt hooked on a string. The cliffside walk has a tilted angle close to 90 degrees. There are no official death tolls recorded but there were reports telling around 100 died from falling out of path.


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