The family of a toddler lured to his death by Scotland’s youngest killer are calling for justice after finding the murderer on Facebook bragging about his new life outside prison. Jamie Campbell was three when he was taken from his grandmother’s garden in August 1990 by twisted 11 years old Richard Keith who repeatedly beat him with sticks and stones before drowning him.The murder, which happened three years before Jamie Bulger was taken by Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, saw Keith named as  youngest killer in Scotland.The victim’s family say Jamie’s plight bears a striking resemblance to the Bulger case, with troubled older children carrying out horrific acts of violence on much younger toddlers.But while the killing became one of the most high-profile cases in British legal history, Jamie Campbell’s cousin feels their own tragedy has been ignored.Speaking to MailOnline, Kimberley McPhillips told of the family’s heartache over feeling as though their three years old Jamie had been forgotten from history.She told ‘After Jamie Bulger went missing in 1993 a Scottish social worker was quoted as saying at the time, “That would never happen in Scotland” but it did, it happened to our Jamie three years before.’‘I just want Jamie’s story to be remembered and I don’t want him to be forgotten. We are not trying to take anything away from the Bulger case, it’s just that every time it gets brought up it brings it back for all of us.’Child killer Richard Keith, who is now 39 years old was released after serving eight years for the crime he committed at the age of 11.

Now Miss McPhillips told the family are facing fresh agony after learning Jamie’s killer is living five miles away and has been boasting about his new life online.‘When we first found him on Facebook I didn’t believe it would be him. I thought living so close to us he would have changed his name, it felt like he was doing it on purpose.‘You will never forget that face. It gives us all chills. We were all just blown away by how he has blatantly living his life without any respect or remorse.‘If you’ve really repented for what you’d done or you had some thought for the family, you wouldn’t be on Facebook.She said she had also been told Keith had boasted about killing Jamie, telling someone he ‘didn’t want to talk about it but he killed someone once’.

Miss McPhillips told ‘It just doesn’t seem right that he is allowed to be all over Facebook on a public profile where the family of his victim can see him getting on with a new life.’I know my aunt and uncle still grieve every single day. They will never get over losing Jamie  this feels like a slap in the face to them.Miss McPhillips told ‘After I posted on social media asking people not to forget Jamie’s case in light of the attention given to Jon Venables, I received hundreds of messages.She said it was really upsetting to find out Keith was living in Scotland with his own name and not a care in the world.She added: ‘I don’t want retribution, I think he should be given another identity and told he can’t use social media. Just a little consideration for  victims is what we are asking for.‘We never forget Jamie. He’s a constant in our family, there’s pictures of him in our family home.’The James Bulger case was huge and everyone remembers it. It’s very upsetting for the horror of what that family went through. But it just always makes me think of what my family went through.’It upset me because seeing that brings it all back and I just want to keep Jamie’s memory alive.’It’s strange because there are so many similarities in the cases but no one remembers our Jamie.’Jamie had been playing near his grandmother’s home in Drumchapel, Glasgow, when he went missing.Ahead of the trial, it emerged that Keith had attacked another three years old in Drumchapel with a penknife and beaten him.He was detained without limit of time after being convicted of culpable homicide and spent eight years at Kerelaw secure unit in Stevenston, Ayrshire.But the killer was released at the age of 20 in January 1999 following a decision by the parole board.When Keith was released in 1999, Kim told ‘Keith is evil to the core and you can’t cure evil. I can’t bear the thought of him running the streets.

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