Alejandro Tello was cruising down a Brooklyn street on skateboard his older brother gave him when a hit-and-run driver crushed him on Sunday afternoon. The 18 years old Utrecht High School senior died at Maimonides Hospital hours after a white BMW SUV ran him over as he rolled into a Gravesend crosswalk at W 10th St and Avenue T just after 3 Pm Sunday. That skateboard is what ferried teen to school and work, according to his brother, Benjamin Tello Jr. “He liked a lot of things, especially skateboarding. It was his transportation” Tello 20 years old said. Tello said he last saw Alejandro on Sunday morning. He was leaving for church but Alejandro, a self taught musician and aspiring detective, was still asleep after a long night of studying for college prep.

Hours later, police called Tello’s father with news of crash. He and his 2 siblings rushed to Maimonides Hospital to see their critically wounded brother. After hours of waiting alongside friends and family, a doctor delivered fateful news about Alejandro. “We were all just trying to keep our heads together, so when the doctor came in and sat us down, all he said was ‘Alejandro, you know, he’s dead.’ He said it just like that. ‘Alejandro is dead.’” It was like a nightmare, straight from everyone’s minds” Tello said.

Surveillance footage of wreck shows that driver responsible for hitting Alejandro made little effort to stop after running over the teen with both sets of wheels. Another car stopped alongside the downed teen to shield him from oncoming traffic as bystanders rushed to help. Cops told that the wanted driver ditched the SUV somewhere along Bay 14th St in Brooklyn and police found it just after midnight. The car was unoccupied. “We just hope this guy comes forward and has a little bit of sympathy inside him. He took away our best friend” Tello said, adding that he would not wish anything bad to happen to driver. Tello spoke calmly Monday morning as he recalled his final conversation with Alejandro. After coming home from work Saturday night, pair joined their brother and sister in reminiscing about their past. Tello told Alejandro, before going to bed, encouraged their brother Juan to look to the future instead of dwelling on bad deeds. “He always made an effort to reach out to others and tell them that they should stick together. That’s something I’m going to carry with me until I die” Tello added.

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