A nice comfy hammock is a great way to beat heat, especially when it is for your breasts. Meet the “Ta-Ta Towel,” a breast specific, 100% cotton halter that combats inevitable underboob sweat. Its inventor tells the garment works better than baby powder, tucked washcloths or maxi pads stuffed in your bra. “There HAS to be a better way to keep the beads of sweat from dripping down my stomach” creator Erin Robertson tells on her website, citing her own personal experience as the motivation for her terrycloth boob basket. She searched internet for a suitable product, but then created it herself when she could not find anything that works. It may sound pricey at $45 for what is basically some cloth and elastic, but women are falling in love with Ta-Ta Towel.

Just to clarify, towel is not meant to be worn outside. It is specifically designed to be at-home loungewear. Robertson also told that pregnant and nursing moms are especially appreciative.

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