A video capturing the aftermath of a Sarin attack in Syria has been released, showing the moment poisonous gas killed about 92 people in the northern part of the country. Shortly before 7am on Tuesday, April 4, government jets bombed the town of Khan Sheikhoun, releasing a gas that would kill dozens of men, women and children too. Chemical weapons have been outlawed since the end of First World War, when they were marked as a barbaric and inhuman ‘red line’ that should never be crossed again. On that Tuesday in morning, young children stared into the distance, gasping for air and desperately attempting to take oxygen as they tried to understand why they were dying. Footage shows dozens of children lying with wide and unflinching eyes with an unmissable sense of panic behind them.

A shot shows children struggling for air, some foaming at the mouth, lying among their motionless friends and family members. The ground around them is strewn with many bodies, some of which are convulsing as rescue workers desperately attempt to hose off the chemical agent causing them to suffer. There is no mercy for these victims and no quick death. 92 Syrians had to lie on the ground in agony while they choked on air and waited for it to all be over.

The April attack marks just one of at least 5 other times the regime of President Bashar al-Assad gassed his own people. Though Assad has denied doing so on multiple occasions. A 2013 Sarin attack left more than 1,400 individuals dead and a recent report by Human Rights Watch revealed that nerve agents have been used at least 4 other times in recent months. In this instance, Assad not only denied that his regime was behind the attack, he denied that it happened, claiming that all reports are ‘100% fabrication’. Since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011, his regime has brutalized its citizens in an attempt to win back control of his country. President al-Assad told that the conflict is a war on terrorism and has financial and military support from countries such as Iran, Russia and the Lebanese militia Hezbollah.

Sana Haj Ali 36 years old was watching her son Amer play outside through the window in her home when Assad’s plane dropped the chemical weapons, a family member told. She watched her 4 years old son fall to the ground and screamed for her husband’s help rescuing him. In attempting to rescue their son, both parents died due to the effects of nerve agent. Sana was just one of thousands mothers who have died in Syria in attempt to save their children and her boys were among thousands of innocent children who have been senselessly murdered. Following the Sarin attack, President Donald Trump bombed Syrian Air base from where the April 4 strike was believed to have been launched. The missile attack was meant to serve as a powerful warning to Assad and marked a swift change in the US strategy in the region.

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