This could be a text book scene straight out of hit TV show Traffic Cops when a hit and run motorist tries to flee down a motorway but is expertly boxed in by 3 cars. But extraordinary truth behind this video is that the 3 cars are all driven by civilians, none of whom knew each other, who acted as one to stop the lawbreaker. The nail biting boxing-in of fleeing motorist by three hero motorists would have done experienced traffic cops proud as they stop the escaping car quickly and safely.

They risked their own lives to stop the motorist who caused crash fleeing scene at speed. The dashboard camera of one of motorists involved records the offending vehicle causing the horrific pile up as it is seen driving into rear of a station wagon in front. The station wagon spins round and hits concrete central reservation of N1 near Centurion, Johannesburg, South Africa, with wreckage seen flying through air. The station wagon rolls over onto its roof and skids upside down 30 yards along motorway as motorist who caused the crash ends up at right angles to road. The driver then guns accelerator and drives round the badly damaged station wagon without stopping to see if those inside are alive or dead and shoots off up fast lane. Driver with dash cam gives chase and you can see a driver in a white vehicle moving across two lanes followed by a VW station wagon closing in on the fleeing offender. The brave driver of white saloon cuts across in front of the car that is escaping and begins to brake as the VW pulls alongside so it cannot switch lanes and bring it to a halt.

A passenger in dash cam car is heard telling ‘Stop him, stop him, stop him, stop him.’ The driver who filmed the whole incident then pulls up behind offender and with concrete central reservation on fourth side the hit and run suspect is trapped. All he can do is get out and wait for traffic police to turn up to investigate. The footage went viral and was shown on Facebook page of News, Accidents, Robberies & Incidents where hundreds of people praised the 3 hero civilian drivers. Charmaine Xaba told ‘Grateful there were brilliant people around to stop that lunatic’. Eleanor Radebe added ‘That was wise thinking from those gentlemen. Honestly you deserve a great reward’

The condition of those in crashed station wagon is not yet known. A South African Police Spokesman told ‘The situation is ongoing and there will be more information shortly’.


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