A woman experienced every gym goers worst nightmare when an exercise machine tore off her leggings, exposing her thong covered derrière. In short YouTube clip shared by RM Videos, unnamed woman is doing a complicated strength training routine while hanging from a workout machine. She only manages to get a few reps in before disaster ensues and her pants end up around her ankles.

At the start of clip, the woman has her hips lifted off ground by a resistance band that is hanging from a workout machine. With her lower half raised off the floor, woman starts doing pushups while pushing her body backwards and forward. She has a nice rhythm going, but suddenly the resistance band starts to pull at waistband of her pants. In one loud swoosh, resistance band rip her pants right off her body until they are down to her ankles.

For a second, her legs are still raised in air while her butt is on display for the entire gym to see. As soon as she falls to ground, she yanks her pants back up around her waist. Although it is undoubtedly a mortifying experience, woman has a good sense of humor about the workout snafu. The clip sees her laughing from moment her pants are pulled off and she continues to chuckle as she pulls them back up and while she ended up showing off a lot more than she bargained for, video is certainly unforgettable.


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