Terrifying security video shows moment of impact when a tour bus slams into an MTA bus early Monday in Queens. At 6:16:07 Am, MTA bus makes a slow right turn from Main St to Northern Blvd in Flushing. The Dahlia Travel and Tours bus comes flying towards from the left at 6:16:09 Am, appearing to be out of control. The white tour bus smashes into left rear side of MTA bus at 6:16:10, after veering almost directly toward a row of stores. MTA bus gets pushed sideways almost 180 degrees by impact, while tour bus continues to travel before slamming into a Kennedy Fried Chicken outlet, sending out sparks and bright flashes of light and starting a small fire. Pedestrians can be seen scattering down sidewalk. Three people were killed, including tour bus driver and 16 others were injured in crash. Based on video, Dahlia bus appears to be speeding.

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