The father of a Melbourne teenager who was ‘eaten’ by sea creatures during an evening swim may have solved mystery that has baffled medical experts. Sam Kanizay 16 years old pulled up sore after playing football on Saturday and decided to soak his legs at Dendy Street Beach in Brighton. Some minutes later, he came out covered in blood. Doctors struggled to explain teenager’s mysterious injuries, so his father Jarrod decided to investigate. Armed with a fishing net and a slab of fresh meat the following night, he headed back to the beach and captured hundreds of creatures he believes were responsible.

‘I caught some bugs overnight over in the bay. I’ve put meat into a net and they’ve grabbed on to that like no tomorrow. We’ve brought them home and they’ve just attached themselves to this meat. They’ve sucked the life out of it, all the blood. They’re mite type creatures. One would assume these are the bugs that have grabbed on to him in their thousands’ Mr Kanizay said. Mr Kanizay said that the bugs have been taken to hospital and tests will be conducted to determine the species. ‘What is really clear is these little things really love meat’ he said of a video, which shows creatures in a tray of water devouring chunks of meat.


Marine expert Michael Brown was puzzled by bugs and suggested they could be ‘jellyfish larvae’. ‘I’ve been doing this for coming on 20 years now and I’ve never seen anything like this’ he said. Meanwhile, teenager said he felt tingling in his legs when he was in water, but assumed it was because he was sore from playing football earlier that day. ‘My first instinct was that I must have stepped on a rock, but I realised that couldn’t have been it, because it was evenly distributed over my whole ankle and foot’ he said. Mr Kanizay could not stop his son’s legs bleeding and they went to hospital, where staff were at a loss to explain what had happened. ‘As soon as we wiped them his legs down, they kept bleeding. There was a massive pool of blood on the floor at the hospital’ he added.

Sam told when the blood was washed off it was easier to see hundreds of tiny holes in his legs. ‘It took a while to get all the blood off and it came back pretty quickly. It sort of looked like hundreds of little pin holes, or pin type bites, distributed all over my ankle and the top of my foot’ the boy said. One nurse advised bites could be from sea lice, but it was no more than a ‘guess’. Mr Kanizay told to his son’s injury ‘fascinated’ all of the staff working in the emergency room at Sandringham Hospital. ‘They were all on Google afterwards, hypothesising as to what happened. They pretty much had 10 different hypotheses but nothing yet’ he said. Mr Kanizay told on Sunday night the bleeding had finally stopped, and he had high hopes for a quick and full recovery. ‘Sam is a stoic kid, so he will be fine’ he told. Sam said he would probably use the pool to ice his legs in the future, but it would not keep him away from the beach completely. ‘Plenty of people go for a swim in there so it’s probably just a one-off thing’ he added. Teenager spent his second night in hospital and Sunday and is expected to be released on Monday afternoon.

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