A rescue helicopter crew responding to a climber suffering from heart problems atop Grossglockner mountain in Alps ended up facing a deadly emergency of their own. After ascending to top of Austria’s highest peak and getting the patient quickly onboard, pilot experienced an unknown problem that caused him to lose control. A climber who happened to be on Grossglockner filmed entire ordeal, including harrowing moment that helicopter’s blades began to dip towards the head of rescue worker still on the ground before the tail quickly swung around towards him, man just barely jumping out the way. Seconds later, pilot is completely unable to guide aircraft as pitches forward, its blades cutting into mountaintop, fuselage getting flipped immediately onto its top before nearly going right over the edge of the 12,461 foot tall precipice. In all, a paramedic on board received only minor injuries while pilot and worker on the ground were unharmed. The patient saw no injuries and was picked up by a second helicopter. He was then flown to the hospital.

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