Footage has emerged showing giant hail stones battering Spain during a savage summer storm.Lumps of ice the size of golf balls hammered down during  freak downfall which was captured on camera in the north of the country.

The clip picks up the sound of hailstones pounding the roof of one building and thudding into the ground outside.It is not yet known whether the storm, which struck on July 13 caused any injuries.Freak conditions were the latest to hit Spain this month.Footage emerged of a hail storm hitting the town of Almazan, just outside the city of Soria  also in northern Spain.It was so strong that emergency crews needed snow ploughs to clear  streets.

Another storm this month saw hail lash down on Murcia in southern Spain.Hail falls after drops of water are continuously taken up and down through cumulonimbus clouds. When  drops go to the top of the cloud, they freeze.Cumulonimbus clouds can grow especially large during summer when hot sun heats  ground causing warm air to rise.Updraughts in thunderclouds are big and can keep hailstones for a long time, meaning they can get larger and larger by becoming coated with more and more ice, according to  Met Office.Eventually, when they become too big for  cloud to hold, they fall to earth as balls of ice.

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