The NYPD is investigating a Youtube video that shows a cop dumping water on a grill at a sidewalk cookout and sparking angry words from Harlem residents. In one minute video posted by a man calling himself “Israelite” an officer from 28th Precinct pours a jug of water on coals. The video was called “Racist cop pours water on cookout grill and denies black children of food.” “That’s some real disrespect and s—, B” one of the sidewalk barbecuers tells, appearing to accuse officer of “wilding.” “There’s kids out here and everything, boss” another tells as a group of children pass by. “Feel better?” another one says. Someone throws what appears to be ice cubes at officer. Later, someone throws a water bottle that hits police officer in the back. The officer goes to his vehicle to leave before the video ends. The confrontation appears to have happened over weekend. “The commanding officer of the 28th Precinct has been made aware of the video and is conducting an investigation” NYPD said. The cop likely was well within law. James Long, an FDNY spokesman, told that open flames are prohibited under the city’s fire code because of the inherent safety issues they present. Barbecue grills cause more than 1’500 structural fires and 4’200 outdoor fires a year, department said. The post drew a variety of reactions, not all of them kind to people barbecuing. “It’s illegal for a good reason. No one should have a BBQ in the middle of a city sidewalk … Those cops told you all repeatedly to stop it. What gives you special privilege? You should have been fined” wrote one.

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