The Queens woman charged in killing of her toddler grandson tells she’s innocent and resents being painted as a “monster.” “I would never do anything to hurt my grandson. I didn’t do anything to him that day or any day” Sita Parsad-Moore 42 years old said. 3 years old Romeo died last August of complications of blunt force head trauma, authorities said. Parsad-Moore was charged with manslaughter after admitting to police to waiting more than 7 hours to get help for Romeo when she found him unresponsive. Parsad-Moore declined to comment on what transpired in Romeo’s final moments. A criminal complaint details troubling statement she made to detectives. The grandmother told she heard a loud noise inside her Jamaica home at 9 Pm on July 28, 2016. She claims her husband, Vincent Moore, said her the boy fell down a flight of stairs. At 8 Am the next morning, Romeo appeared weak and refused to eat or drink. He went to sleep 3 hours later, court papers reveal.

When Parsad-Moore went to check on him at 1 Pm, he was unresponsive. Rather than call police, she called her husband. From 2 Pm to 9 Pm, she and her husband did nothing to help the boy. Only when Romeo turned pale and was gasping for air did couple take him to hospital, where he spent 5 days on a respirator before dying. Parsad-Moore said that Romeo already had a number of bruises when ACS placed him into their custody about a month before his death. Until then, Romeo was raised by his mother, who is deaf, doesn’t speak and reportedly suffers from mental health issues. “They are trying to make us look like monsters” Parsad-Moore added.

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