The moment 2 police officers rescued a man from his burning apartment in Michigan was caught on body camera footage. Police body camera footage captured the moment Jackson Police Deputy James Moore and Officer Mike Galbreath lifted Joseph Cummings 58 years old and carried him down the stairs from his second floor apartment. Cummings’ apartment, outside downtown Jackson, Michigan, caught fire just after midnight Thursday morning when he fell asleep while smoking.

A deputy inside the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office nearby saw the flames and officers rushed over to help. According to a statement from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office ‘the deputy was alerted by neighbors that they believed a man was still inside of apartment’. Moore and Galbreath were trying to get inside the apartment when they saw Cummings on the second floor balcony. ‘The man was not able to get himself to safety. Deputy Moore and Officer Galbreath were able to make it up stairs of the balcony and carry the man to safety.’ Moore’s body camera captured the moment he and Galbreath rescued Cummings. In the footage Moore is up on the balcony calling out to other people on the scene, asking if anyone else is in the house. He closes the door and tells to Cummings ‘Are you burnt? Okay, we gotta get you down.’ Galbreath, who climbed up after Moore, asks Cummings if he can stand up and when the 2 officers realize he can not, they lift him together and carry him down the stairs. When they make it safely away from the building, they set Cummings down in grass before a medical team arrives.

Cummings was brought to Henry Ford Allegiance Health before being flown to University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor. He was treated for burns and smoke inhalation, he is now in stable condition and recovering. One firefighter had to be treated on scene for a burn to his ear, but Cummings’ two rescuers were not injured during the incident. ‘It’s a dangerous profession. You don’t realize all the things we do that aren’t necessarily law enforcement related and in this case, fire related. I’m real proud of the guys that jumped in and did what they did’ Jackson County Sheriff Steve Rand said. Officials are deciding whether the building can be saved while other residents in the apartment building are being helped by Red Cross.


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