An incredible photo of a mother delivering her own baby has been banned from Facebook for being ‘pornographic,’ according to doctor who posted it. Obstetrician Lin Tzu-hung, who also goes by his English name Jason, shared the single pic on his personal Facebook account after witnessing the brave patient deliver her child at Dianthus MFM Center in Taiwanese capital Taipei. The unique delivery was possible because of clinic’s pain-free procedures which use local anaesthetics. Photo which features blood and bodily fluids, but no visible genitalia, quickly amassed more than 10’000 likes after mother gave her permission for him to make the photo public. However the pic was banned by Facebook after being branded as pornography just hours later.

Doctor Lin took to Facebook a second time later in day to express his disappointment telling ‘Facebook banned my heart-warming mum self-delivery photo as pornography. I’m very upset.’ It is thought the pic may have been removed by Facebook filter that automatically remove inappropriate content such as nudity. In the past cancer patients have complained after photos of mastectomies have been removed after they were shared to raise awareness. The doctor re-posted the same photo to his Instagram account, where it is currently still up.

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