Incredible footage of the incident, which was filmed near Salt Lake City in Utah, shows a bright light travelling across the sky high above their heads.

Suddenly the object from the sky appears to break into three and changes direction, hurtling toward the camera at speed.

Thankfully, people think they have successfully identified the source of the mystery projectiles.
Around the same time the video was taken by residents, US Navy SEALs dropped into Rice Eccles Stadium for a University of Utah football game.

The lights seen in the sky are likely to have been part of the demonstration,like they said.

NASA Ambassador to Utah, told, that the bizarre lights might also have been a satellite that broke up in orbit , been stated it was more likely to have been “something much closer to the ground like flares”.

Gerardo Rios, the boy who filmed the incident, told his followers on Twitter he stopped filming when the objects appeared to head in his direction because he was scared.
“That’s why I stopped filming and started running away from it,” he wrote.

“It’s funny now but I was really scared when it happened.”

This week, residents in the Yorkshire Dales were left speechless after an serie orange UFO was spotted in the sky.

“We were sat there for two and a half hours just studying it, watching it flying around the sky,” said witness Trent Mason.

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