DALE Cregan, a one-eyed gangster on the run for weeks over the killing of a rival, shocked the country five years ago and now he rots in a jail cell, from which he will never be released.
But on September 18, 2012, he lured two young policewomen to a suburban property in Manchester with just one intention in his mind, to kill.
In a 999 call, he made the bogus claim that someone had thrown a brick through his window.
But when Fiona Bone, 32, and Nicola Hughes, 23, arrived, they were shot and blown up with grenades.
Both PC died and then 29 year old DALE Cregan handed himself in at a local police station, hideously boasting: “I’ve just done two coppers.”
Sir Peter Fahy, then the chief of Manchester Police, was swift to brand the day the “darkest” in the force’s history.
The shocking scenes came at the end of a long manhunt which had gripped Manchester, police offering a £50,000 reward for Cregan’s capture and informations.
His mugshot had been displayed everywhere, appearing all the more monstrous with his left eye socket dark and vacant.
The eye itself was reportedly gouged out by another gangster he tried to rip off in Thailand.
He made frequent trips to Pattaya and funded his lifestyle through crime, conning OAP-s in Spain with timeshare scams.

Back in east Manchester, he became embroiled in a bloody rivalry between two other families , *the Atkinsons and *Shorts.
He was supposed to be friends with some of the Atkinsons and is thought to have been bullied by members of the Short clan when he was a child.
In May 2012 ,only four months before he murdered the policewomen , he and two associates stormed the Cotton Tree pub in Droylsden with two targets David Short and his son Mark.
The older Short was in the toilet at that moment, but Mark was gunned down in the middle of the pub, before dying in his father’s arms.
Fearing revenge attacks from Shorts, Cregan shot David nine times outside his home in Clayton just weeks later, and then chucked a grenade at the house.

Dale Cregan was arrested over Mark’s killing but released on bail. He then fled to Anglesey, Leeds and Herne Bay in Kent as the hunt for him gathered pace.
Eventually, he came back to Tameside to face the music, plotting one more explosive act.
Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes arrived in Mottram to the report, only to be greeted by an armed Cregan as they approached the front door.
The one-eyed monster immediately blasted each woman in the chest with a Glock handgun.
Nicola was shot eight times by gun, including three bullets to the head as she lay on the ground.
Fiona had managed to draw her Taser, but was also shot eight times by him, who discharged almost 32 bullets in just 30 seconds and then he then threw a grenade onto the path next to the two bodies.
After arriving at nearby Hyde police station, he showed the only morsel of remorse, when he declared he “wished it was men” he had killed.

Britain’s Most Wanted Man had at last been caught but unfortunately at the heaviest of prices.
After an interminably long trial ,throughout which dozens of police snipers stood guard to ensure Dale Cregan was not sprung by pals because he was convicted of all four murders.
The monster admitted the crimes, as well as three attempted murders of other people in the Droylsden at the time of the Short attack.
The case cost to the taxpayer in excess of £5million, with 120 cops used each day to guard him. He will never be let out of prison but the price in humans was high.


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