Vernon Barrett, Jr, a father from Boardman, Ohio, allegedly donned a clown mask and chased his daughter down the street, in an effort to scare and discipline her. This comes as the 6 years old’s mother was reportedly jailed for child endangerment, in allegedly breaking 4 of the girl’s ribs. As Barrett scared his daughter, she reportedly jumped into a stranger’s car and then entered a stranger’s apartment. She shouted about a clown trailing right behind her, according to police. The family who was living in the home where girl took refuge spotted the man wearing the clown mask. Then, Dion Santiago, who was inside apartment, reportedly fired a gunshot into yard, missing the masked Barrett. Barrett was later charged with child endangerment and inducing panic. Santiago was charged with using weapons while intoxicated. The father reportedly told the girl was having “behavioral issues” and so he decided to scare her instead of disciplining her.

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