A mysterious creature has been filmed poking it head out of the water during a Queensland river cruise. The unidentified animal was spotted during a Solar Whisper Daintree River Crocodile and Wildlife Tour last Tuesday. After staff posted footage on social media suggestions have taken off about beast’s identity and range from a mussel to a ‘miniature whale’. David White, owner of Solar Whisper cruises filmed the creature during the cruise, before uploading his footage to Facebook Tuesday morning. ‘Martin (director of Days of Daintree) is adding a little mystery on set. He gave me no clues and I have no idea. Either a miniature whale, a mussel or an alien. One minute he was there the next he was gone’ he wrote in his post. Video shows the head of an animal, with what seems to be an eye visible, as it pokes out of a mud pool at mouth of the river. The creature remains above surface for a few seconds, before slipping below and disappearing. Water was believed to be a shallow tidal pool, with staff stating that a crocodile had been sitting in same area earlier that day. Since it was uploaded post has been viewed more than 1’400 times, with users offering up some interesting and unusual possibilities as to its identity. ‘Could it be a lungfish?’ one person wrote, while another suggested it may be a ‘bivalve of some type’. Others called it an ‘underwater monster’ and tour group’s very own ‘Daintree monster, like Nessie!’ Staff from tour company said they believed they had solved the mystery. They said it was likely a mud skipper, a type of small fish that lives on mud flats and can walk out of water, that they had named Martin. ‘We believe its a mud-skipper, but posted it for people to see’ they told. Queensland is renowned for it’s mystery creatures with reports of  Yowies, Bunyips and giant cats all notoriously sighted in state.

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