Police on Staten Island are looking for a hit-and-run driver who struck a woman as she was taking her infant nephew out of minivan. Police say 37 years old Monique Knight was removing her four months old nephew from the back of car on Westervelt Avenue in New Brighton shortly after midnight when she was struck by a hit and run driver, who smashed into her car. The crash was heard by some neighbors. “I heard a big boom” one man told.

“I looked down and her leg was splattered, it was just all over” toldShanelle Browning, who is the infant’s aunt and a friend of the victim. She tells Knight, the infant, named Carter and Carter’s mother had just returned from a trip to Adventureland on Long Island when Knight was struck. Police told the hit and run driver first hit a parked car before barreling into Knight, who friends say acted quickly to save the little boy from danger. “She was holding Carter and when she sees the car coming up so fast she threw him back in the car to protect the child” Browning told. Police told Knight was taken to Richmond University medical center with a leg injury. Friends says she underwent surgery and is in critical but stable condition. The child and his mother were also taken to the hospital for some observation. The infant was not injured. Police old  the suspect is to believed to be driving a dark colored Jeep. Police are now actively searching for that car. Browning said the license plate to that car was knocked off the car and police now have it in their possession. Knight is a single mother with 3 children.

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