Bodycam footage has captured moment a driver opened fire on 2 police officers before he was shot dead. The footage shows officer Richard Nelson 33 years old and another unnamed officer having a tense conversation with Miguel Salas 25 years old after they approached his car. They argue with him about leaving his car, but he resists, telling he’s done nothing wrong and then in a split second he opens fire on them. Metro Police Sgt Jeff Clark told in a press conference that police had been called out to a report of a suspicious car linked to a stolen cellphone.

They approached Salas’ car at 4:15 Pm after finding it parked in front of a business in 4100 block of West Tompkins Avenue. The video, filmed on Nelson’s bodycam, begins with Salas protesting his innocence and refusing to get out of his car. After he reaches for something inside, Nelson restrains his left hand and other cop joins them at driver side window. When Nelson calls in backup, Salas seems to sigh and pulls a handgun out with his right hand, both cops back up suddenly in opposite directions as shots ring out. Salas initially fires towards other officer but then turns and shoots at Nelson, who returns fire.


‘Shots fired, I’ve been hit, Shots fired, I’ve been hit’ he shouts into his radio as he reloads and waits for backup. He is heard coughing badly as he waits for help. Finally, another LVMP cruiser arrives and picks him up as video ends. According to Clark, Nelson, a father of 4 children, was wearing a bulletproof vest when he was hit and was later discharged from hospital. The other officer was also hit, but his uniform saved him, his condition is unclear yet. Selas died after being hit in head. Police recovered 2 pistols they say belonged to Salas. 1 was a fully loaded 25 caliber pistol and a 40 caliber pistol that was used to fire on police. The 40 has a magazine capacity of 15 rounds, one that was found had one round in the chamber and 2 in magazine. Nelson, who has been with department since 2009, is on paid administrative leave while case is reviewed.

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