Nashkho Galaev was down and briefly out inside the MMA cage at ACB 64 in Turkey on Wednesday, but bantamweight fighter did not let a moment of unconsciousness keep him from victory. In bout’s opening round, opponent Denis Mutsnek choked out Galaev while pinning him against cage. Galaev was unresponsive for a couple of seconds before waking up in time for official to allow fight to continue. Galaev survived round and returned to a similarly rocky start in second round, but proved to still have plenty of fight left in him.The 25 years old Russian worked his way out of another jam, landing several shots to Mutsnek before delivering the final blow, a brutal right knee to face. Galaev’s remarkable KO comeback improved his MMA record to 6-3. Though his memory of short sleep may be a bit fuzzy, he’s not likely to forget his tenacity in clinching win.

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