Manchester United’s Europa League success earned  club £40million as well as a crucial spot in this season’s Champions League campaign.Jose Mourinho’s side, who were given  large sum by UEFA, landed a much higher fee than their rivals due to how TV rights money is distributed in England.All of United’s Europa League games were screened on BT Sport which boosted their final fee.


Participation bonus: 2,600,000

Performance bonus: 1,904,000

Market pool: 29,649,170

Round of 32: 500,000

Round of 16: 750,000

Quarter-finals: 1,000,000

Semi-finals: 1,600,000

Final: 6,500,000

Total: 44,503,170 (£40m)

Fellow finalists Ajax, who were beaten 2-0 in thanks to goals by Paul Pogba and Henrikh Mkhitaryan, were given just £14m despite playing same amount of games.Elsewhere, in the Champions League, beaten finalists Juventus topped the Champions prize money table as they received £99m from UEFA last season.Leicester City edged title-winning Real Madrid for second place because the English champion banked a bigger share of broadcasting rights money.British and Italian TV deals were more valuable and shared between fewer clubs than Spain’s five.Leicester got £73.2m from UEFA and Madrid earned just over £72.6m.Fellow English clubs Arsenal banked £58m from their Champions League participation, Manchester City £45m and Tottenham £39m.Of  32 group-stage teams, Basel’s £14.6m was the lowest share of almost £1.25 billion in the UEFA prize fund.


Juventus: €110,434,000 (£99m)

Leicester: €81,681,000 (£73.2m)

Real Madrid: €81,051,000 (£72.6m)

Napoli: €66,009,000 (£59m)

Monaco: €64,685,000 (£58m)

Arsenal: €64,573,000 (£58m)

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