A Kentucky man took walking a mile in someone else shoes to a new extreme. Police are searching for a man who broke into a funeral home and took clothes of a deceased man. Security footage caught a man inside funeral home rummaging through cabinets filled with clothes that are meant for dead. The man, who has a large tattoo on his left shoulder, then strips down and starts trying on clothing to find some that fit. Darrell Knight, nephew of man whose clothing was stolen, said it’s “mind-blowing” somebody would steal from a dead man.”I can’t imagine that somebody would break into a funeral home. Not only that, but get undressed and then walk around inside the funeral home” Knight said. In addition to stealing clothes, police told he took jewelry, an iPod, a PlayStation 3, a flat-screen TV and keys to the hearse. Leitchfield Police Detective Kevin Smith said they believe the man may have also been involved in an incident at a Walmart nearby. Det Smith also told he “can’t see anyone in their right mind wanting to do this.”

“You can still turn yourself in. We’re going to catch you. It’s just a matter of time” Smith said. Authorities believe they have identified the man in video, but are still encouraging anyone with information to contact the Leitchfield Police Department.

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