A man has posted a video of himself having sex with a woman to private online men’s group. The man, from Australia, uploaded the clip and asked the question: ‘What’s the biggest whale you have harpooned? Iwent through a tubby phase and landed this 130 kg beast’ he told.

The vile post was shared to a men’s group on Facebook, where over 14,000 members were viewing it. Hayden Brien saw the post and took a stand by sharing it publicly and since then has copped a wave of abuse himself. ‘A guy posted screenshots from a video of him having sex with someone on Facebook, yeah I’m ‘dogging the boys’ whoops, and you’d assume it wasn’t taken let alone POSTED with her consent’ Mr Brien said. In a screenshot of the video the man can be seen leering over a bed, the rest has been censored. ‘It currently has over 230 likes, and 103 comments, NOT ONE SINGLE COMMENT, defending the girl who’s now been left exposed in a group of 14,524 men without her consent. I bite my tongue over the daily misogynistic, racist, homophobic and generally uneducated posts in the group because hey, this is a safe space for the working class Aussie males, right? This however crosses the line in a very very big way, and needs to be stopped immediately’ Mr Brien said. Many have agreed with Mr Brien, showing their support on FB.

‘Thanks for being one of the decent blokes’ wrote one viewer. But other’s condemned Mr Brien’s behaviour and said he was ‘dogging the boys’.

‘F*** up ya poof… dogging the boys’ another one said. And shockingly Mr Brien claims Facebook tols the post was OK and followed the correct community guidelines. ‘So because I’m a semi-decent person I reported the image to Facebook AND THIS IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING. According to them, the post “doesn’t go against any of our specific Community Standards” AND IT REMAINS IN THE GROUP FOR EVERYONE TO SEE IDK (sic) HOW THIS IS BEYOND A JOKE’ Mr Brien added.

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