It is a show that has long pushed boundaries with its steamy sex scenes and Game Of Thrones was at it again when Jon Snow was shown indulging in a passionate lovemaking session with his blood aunt Daenerys Targaryen. But far from being disgusted by on-screen representation of taboo sexual practice, fans were actually thrilled to see couple finally get together in the season seven finale on Sunday. One fan called Alyssa Neumann‏ tweeted ‘So #GameOfThrones has taught me that I’m against twin incest but aunt/nephew incest is totally fine.’ Meanwhile Trent‏ told ‘You wanna know how incredible Game of Thrones is? They not only showed us incest but they had us rooting for it as it happened.’ And Zach Seay‏ told ‘When you’re against twin incest but find yourself rooting for an aunt and nephew tandem… #GameofThrones.’

The pair, whose romantic relationship had been getting built up throughout penultimate season, finally gave into their passion as they sailed north from Dragonstone as they prepare to face off against the dreaded White Walker threat. Jon sneaked to her quarters and hopefully chapped the door as they were bobbing along and his queen was only too quick to invite him inside and not to talk battlefield tactics.

Fans were treated to a lingering view of upper-class hunk Kit Harington’s buns of steel as star, whose father is Sir David Richard Harington, 15th Baronet, portrayed a lovemaking session on high seas. In a rather creepy turn, Daenerys’ trusted adviser Tyrion Lannister was shown lingering outside in shadows and waiting outside as they enjoyed their passionate liaison and the 30 years old’s fellow English performer Emilia Clarke once again stripped off as she unleashed the Mother Of Dragon’s racier side.

The actress, who is also 30 years old, became a firm fan favourite due to her racy turns with on-screen sexual partners. Perhaps her most raunchiest scenes involved Jason Momoa, who played her strapping Dothraki savage husband Khal Drogo. However, Daenerys also indulged in carnal relations with Seven Sons mercenary Daario Naharis, who was played by Dutch actor Michiel Huisman.

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