Residents of a Brazilian city were puzzled by a menacing yet eerily beautifully dust cloud hanging over their homes. João Paulo Magalhães shared a video of apocalyptic sight from a petrol station in Teixeira de Freitas, in the south east of the country, on Thursday evening. As sunset cast dazzling colours across spectacle, many others took to social media to document the phenomenon, which looked like a meteorite that had stopped in its tracks.

But residents’ fears were soon assuaged as the cloud broke apart within five minutes, according to Mr Magalhães. He told ‘It really looked like the entrance to a meteorite or something. I was scared too, we thought it would form a tornado.’  Instagram user irenny_ynneri wrote ‘The work of God is perfect.’ Irlaneribeirolane, who also shared a pic of the befuddling sight, wrote a long caption about the religious significance of the cloud column. Local meteorologists were reported as telling the oddity was a dust cloud.

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