He’s beaten cancer twice and is now inspiring thousands of people by sharing his fitness journey through social media. James Kearsley, from Tasmania, was diagnosed with leukaemia for first time in 2014 and had to have 3 rounds of chemotherapy. But only 18 months later, the 23 years old fell ill and cancer returned.

It was during his spell in remission after 5 months of treatment that he began charting his personal fitness story on Instagram. When he felt well enough following his first treatment, James hit the gym to regain the 2 stone of muscle he lost during the chemo. He has been cancer free for more than a year and now provides advice, inspiration and coaching and shares his experiences with 27’000 followers. He has a large social media following on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. James started filming his journey through chemo, stem cell treatment to going back to gym to get his body back in shape. He said ‘After achieving a state of remission I returned to the gym once again. Now I aim to teach people the importance of taking care their bodies physically, mentally and most importantly, medically. Ever since a young age I have been involved in a range of diverse sports, I didn’t step foot into the gym until I was finishing college. Being the tall, skinny kid all throughout school was what motivated me to start and the rest is history.’


His candid, frank and heartwarming vlogs plot the ups and downs, laughter and tears and reality of his battle to beat cancer. He competed in his first bodybuilding show in September 2015, just 16 months after being in remission.

Just 3 months later he was diagnosed with leukaemia for a second time. He had to have 2 more cycles of chemotherapy and a bone marrow stem cell transplant. Now he is back training and recovering from injury but remains thankful to his supporters and followers. He added ‘As strange as it sounds I’ve always been grateful to have had the opportunity to document my journey through that time, as I know it has helped people. And I’d like to thank all of you who helped me push through that chapter of life and those that continue to encourage and motivate me to progress.’

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