It’s been a decade since the last Rush Hour film was released.But Jackie Chan, 63 years old is ready to take on the role of Detective Inspector Lee once more, announcing plans to return to the hit action-comedy series with Chris Tucker during an interview with Extra on Friday.Describing the script, he told , ‘It’s pretty good. Different. It’s not like [about a] drug dealer, this is not like [about] fake money, [it’s] something different… I don’t want to always do the same thing again, again.’

The Shanghai Noon star told Extra’s Mario Lopez of  trials and tribulations involved getting the next film right on the page: ‘Last seven years, the script was no good.”But yesterday everybody agreed, “Yes, that’s the script”‘.He told shooting on the highly anticipated sequel would begin ‘next year’.

The three previous installments have been big hits for the Hong Kong born action star, netting a combined worldwide box office of nearly $850 million.Throughout  series, Chan and Chris Tucker play mismatched cops who get partnered together. The first film took place in Los Angeles.The film’s sequel was primarily set in Hong Kong, while the third installment was set in Paris.But  Rumble In The Bronx star is also trying to branch out from his action comedy roots, recently starring in new thriller The Foreigner.’For the last seven years all the scripts from the [United] States [are set] in Hong Kong police, Hong Kong CIA,’ he told Extra.’I wanted something different, and finally I received a script called Foreigner. It’s different, it’s no action comedy.”It’s about heart.’

The Foreigner will be released by STX Films on October 13

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