An Irish mother who recently gave birth to twins tried her hand at replicating Beyonce’s latest photoshoot and the results were… well, nearly there.While t pop star wore a frock off the catwalk and enlisted an up and coming artist to photograph her, Sharon Kellaway’s approach was decidedly more low-key.The mother stepped out in her backyard in Cork, Ireland, with a pink owl patterned fleece blanket draped over her shoulders and enlisted her six-year-old daughter to snap the pictures, which soon went viral on social media.

Kellaway, who gave birth to a boy and a girl earlier this year, couldn’t help but parody Beyonce’s photo because she thought  singer ‘looked so unrealistic’.

With the flowers in her garden as her backdrop, Kellaway draped a blanket over her shoulders, donned a veil in her hair, and balanced her twins on one leg, topping off  whole look with a pair of Converse sneakers.She shared  results on Facebook, writing: ‘I wonder how many photos Beyoncé had to get through to get the right one.

‘My 6 year old took the images … no qualifications and still did a mighty job,’ she added.The response was immediate, as friends chimed in saying they appreciated laugh. And after her best friend shared the images on Twitter, Kellaway’s impromptu photoshoot went viral.Kellaway told the Mirror: ‘It was just random … I have twins, the blanket and the veil, a few home-grown flowers in a the garden … I had what she had, so why not? Thought my friends would get a giggle … didn’t expect it to go this far!’

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