The American tourist murdered in Greece was fleeing his attackers when they slammed him into a parked vehicle, unleashing a fury of fatal punches and kicks, shocking surveillance video shows. Bakari Henderson is seen running down a sidewalk on the party island of Zakynthos. The 22 years old recent college grad tries to make his way across the street to escape the mob at 3:15 Am local time Friday. A brutal attacker intercepts Henderson and throws the doomed Texan into back of a sedan.

A mob of men are then seen beating down on Henderson for half a minute. Finally a woman is seen breaking up the attack, as several people try to keep hitting Henderson.

Patrons inside restaurant appear to be in shock while Henderson lays motionless on the ground. Authorities are seen arriving roughly five minutes into the 15 minute clip. The recent University of Arizona graduate later died of his injuries at a local hospital on island. Henderson suffered severe head injuries, according to doctors. There have been varying accounts about how the fight were started. Henderson was visiting the island as part of a photo shoot for a clothing line he planned to launch, according to his family. While at Bar Code, a watering hole in the island’s tourist-heavy Laganas section, he and a friend tried to take a pic with a waitress. The pic request allegedly irked a bouncer, Greek media reported, somehow sparking the fight and eventual murder. A friend told that account was not true.

Henderson and a few friends set their beers at a table where 2 men were sitting. The 2 men took the bottles, smashed them and waved the sharded ends as a threat, he added. 9 men have been charged with intentional homicide in the Austin native’s death. One of suspects is a Greek bartender, another was a British national of Serbian origin and 8 were Serbian tourists. 5 of 9 suspects appeared before a judge in Zakynthos on Wednesday, with the other 4 due in court Thursday.

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