This is the innovative flat pack folding home which costs just £24,800, takes only six hours to build and can be collapsed and moved to a new location.Photos show components of  M.A.Di Home being produced in a factory in Italy, transported by truck and being unfolded and easily assembled on site.Time-lapse photos show the modern earthquake-proof home being transformed into final product, complete with windows and doors. Interior images show the sleek design which boasts plenty of open plan living space in the eye catching a-frame house.A team of three people can assemble  house in just six to seven hours with prices ranging from £24,800 for 290 sq ft and £54,900 for 904 sq ft.The M.A.Di Home was created by Italian architect, Renato Vidal. It is earthquake resilient and has  eco-friendly capacity to become completely off-grid with solar panels, LED lighting and rain water systems.

The home can be built at any location without  need for it to be constructed on concrete foundations.The assembly process takes a team of three people just six to seven hours, and involves each module being unfolded before roof pitches, interiors walls and flooring are added.It comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from a 290 sq ft tiny home with a one-stage staircase for £24,800 to a 904 sq ft family home with a two-stage staircase which will set you back £54,900.All basic models include a fitted bathroom, kitchen connections and technical installations, and will be delivered 60-days from  acceptance of final drawings.The M.A.Di Home is completely manufactured in Italy and can be easily collapsed and moved to a new location or stored away.

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