Giants fans in stands are currently showing more fight than their offensive line. Two fans brawled at Metlife Stadium Monday night during Giants-Lions game after one fan threw up on another. Video of fight shows a fan in an Odell Beckham jersey arguing with a man in a white t-shirt. Before video started, man in the Giants jersey threw up on other fan. The Giants fan in Beckham jersey escalates their argument by throwing a punch at man in white t-shirt. Other fan responds by grabbing man by his jersey and throwing him over rows of seats, sending both tumbling down section. Eventually security steps in and other fans in section point out the man in Beckham jersey for being the one causing problems. What’s unclear is if alcohol made Giants fans throw up or watching the team did. Giants dropped to 0-2 Monday night following their 24-10 loss to Lions. For second straight game Giants could not really get anything going offensively and it cost them the game. Big Blue will have to get a win against Eagles Sunday to get their season moving in right direction before things really start to spiral out of control, just like the fans rolling down section.

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