Dogs are not called man’s best friend for nothing as this collection of comical canines proves. These hilarious snaps of performing pooches captured by their amused owners and shared on Reddit and Imgur are certain to leave you sniggering. The benefits of having a pet dog extend way beyond long walks and games of fetch, they can make you laugh too. From a dog who kicked his owner’s girlfriend in the face to a pooch who positions himself on a balcony to glare at everyone who walks by. These snaps of superior dogs are sure to raise a smile.

One pooch wasn’t too happy about having to share his owner with his new girlfriend so did his best to try and take her out.

It takes a certain attitude to pull off a plastic collar but this pooch, whose owner shared a snap titled ‘dogtini’, managed to do it .

Someone shared a snap of a dog in their town who pops his head over the wall and judges everyone who walks by.

This dog didn’t seem too happy about the family adopting another pet so decided to show everyone who runs the household.

According to the uploader, this canine is definitely an ‘indoor dog’.

With a dainty dandelion seemingly clutched by a floppy ear, this canine could hardly look more serene in its surroundings.

This hilarious snap showed two dogs keeping an eye out for dubious passers-by.

This tiny but menacing pooch didn’t have any qualms about letting off some gas on his owner’s sofa.

This pooch prefers to chill out on his cat’s tower than in his basket and his feline friend doesn’t look too happy about it.

This canny canine started barking at the door whilst his owner was tucking into a pizza delivery. When his owner got up to look outside, the cheeky dog ran back, stole a piece of his pizza and was caught red-handed, no one was at the door.

The owner of this dog explained that the pooch ate pumpkin seeds, pooped them out, and they started growing. This is a snap of her sitting proudly next to her work.

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